A Ship Hospital to offer medical assistance to isolated populations.

Madagascar Foundation is a Public charity, International Philanthropy & NGO that would like to create and operate a hospital ship. The name of this “Lady” will be Pedro I. Pedro I will bring hope and healing to the poor of the poorest. We want to mobilize people and resources worldwide, and to serve all people without regard for race, gender, or religion in Madagascar and thereafter as soon possible in East Africa and the Indian Ocean. In Madagascar every day People live in fear, hopelessness and desperation.

One life, one Community, one Nation at a time.

The Situation

An estimated ONE BILLION people lack access to even basic health care in the world. They are plagued by preventable diseases, untreated illnesses and neglected injuries. Even a simple toothache can become a life-threatening crisis. We decided to be involved in Madagascar after seeing what Father Pedro with the “Association AKAMASOA” , has achieved with great success, and with so many little, what we see today.

The Solution

Access to good medical care is the key to provide desperately needed hope and healing. But how can that are accomplished in countries without basic supporting infrastructure—including a clean water supply, a reliable source of electricity and trained medical professionals?  The answer began by a concept of a hospital ship, a self-contained instrument that would take highly qualified volunteers to the people who need them most. That concept will become  the “Pedro I” vessel.

Through the good work and compassion of volunteers and the support of small donors and great donors this concept will become a reality.

Why is using a ship important?

More than 60% of the Madagascar’s population live within 100 miles of the coast line.
Madagascar is a country where access to adequate health care is limited or nonexistent.
A ship is the most efficient platform to deliver a state-of-the-art hospital to those in need.
Madagascar lacks basic infrastructure services such as a clean water supply, reliable delivery of electricity, and medical facilities and personnel.
A ship is a controlled, safe and clean environment ideally suited for serving patients and crew.
Volunteers and patients will be welcome onboard the Ship hospital where their basic needs can be met.

These will be some of the free services provided through this ship hospital:

  • Transformational surgeries reducing the effects of neglected trauma, disease and congenital conditions.
  • Dental care reduces the incidence of dental disease that can cause other important diseases.
  • Eye care reduces blindness and poor vision due to cataracts and glaucoma.
  • Training programs will build the capacity of local professionals to serve for the long term.
  • Through free, basic, health-care and transformative surgeries, our ship hospital will become the face of love in action. Our ship hospital will provides first-rate medical professionals, state-of-the-art medical and surgical facilities and health-care training to communities in Madagascar that lack those critical services.

In many developing countries, even basic medical care is a luxury.
In Madagascar, nearly 70 percent of the people have no access to a hospital or doctor.

Children, teens, adults and the elderly suffer and die every day from curable or treatable causes.
Every year, numerous vulnerable children die from preventable diseases such as malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia.

The challenge is enormous, but don’t let the statistics numb you.
Every number has a name, a face and a story.
And they will break your heart.

Today with Madagascar Foundation we are on the way to change the life and the future of so many.
For more than 40 years, Father Pedro has followed the model of Jesus to bring hope and healing to the world’s poorest.
Tomorrow “Pedro I” will operate to support Father Pedro’s work.

One life, one community, one nation at a time.

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