I have had the chance to be there for the election of the Pope a cardinal who comes from Argentina. We were in 1967 and 1968 with Bergoglio was not yet a priest in the same faculty of Theology in San Miguel, where the Jesuits had their House of Studies.

I recall his name, not his face. After 45 years, that is impossible.

Now the 3rd day after his election, I have been to the Vatican and met Cardinal Humes, is Brazilian, m it has recognized, who visited Madagascar and Akamasoa 7 years ago.

He has said “I’m going to introduce you to the Pope”.

Now he takes me to the home of Santa Marta and this is where I had the pleasure to greet and ask the Pope Francis for the blessing of the children of Akamasoa. Cardinal Humes told the pope: “This man built cities for the poor.” I kissed the pope as Argentina and he has smiled. As he had received all the cardinals I did not bother him more and I did not tired him more;, I hope that on another occasion we can talk.

At Akamasoa there are always problems, we have Miss Therese is in Hospital.

The country does not work properly, It is no power in place. We need elections as soon as possible to get out of this mess altogether!

Sunday morning a young 15 year old boy died at Akamasoa, and the first thing I did was going to talk to his family. Here at Akamasoa, joy, pain and sorrow mingle all the time.

I am sending photos of the blessing of palms Mass in our usual place in the career  that we call Cathedral.

When I know the date of the release of the new book I wrote I’ll let you know.

Happy Holy Week!


Father Pedro friends and communities in Italy have come together at this time and were able to gather additional 20,000 Euros for children and Akamasoa.. Several more houses can be built now at Akamasoa and  many families will be saved again.

Few pictures of  the children welcoming Father Pedro on his return from Rome

Patrick Adam de Villiers

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