Meet  Pedro Opeka, a pastor who brings dignity to the wretched of the earth.

Father Pedro Opeka is a legend amongst humanitarian revolutionaries. Born in Argentina to Slovenian parents, Father Pedro has been a missionary in Madagascar since 1970 striving to improve the material and spiritual lives of one of the poorest populations on earth.  He has been hailed internationally and honored by many countries, receiving the Legion of Honor from France and nomination for the Nobel prize. Still he continues to labor in Madagascar.

Learn about the Akamasoa (“Good Friends”) , the structure for this work

His mission has been to help the poor help themselves through access to schools, jobs and decent housing.The structure which organizes the projects (schools, hospitals, and villages) is the society Father Pedro founded: “Akamasoa” a humanitarian association. Akamasoa means “Good Friends.” Its underlying principle is the restoration of human dignity to all,  even in the most wretched refuse heaps. It has been remarkably successful, it has situated about thirty thousand people in 18 villages,including 10 thousand children who all go to the 37 schools founded by Akamasoa.

Find out about a simple way you can support Father Pedro’s cause

The Madagascar-American Foundation is registered as a not-for-profit foundation and as a “Public Charity” that seeks to support this association, and thus the work of Father Pedro. It solicits help, particularly in North America, so that the humanitarian work of this passionately decent man can continue.

More information (including how to contribute) may be found at

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