The event could have ended in a bloodbath!
Cops Akamasoa April 12, 2013

April 12 this evening after returning from Manantenasoa with Miss Bao, we stopped by Ankadiefajoro village just before arriving at the City Akamasoa.
They told us:
“Stop, don’t continue your journey, there are shots and whistles in the village.”
We immediately thought of another attack bandit like we suffered 7 months ago.
We left the car on side of the road and with a few dozen of men; we walked to the city Akamasoa.
Upon arriving at a cross road, we saw people coming from the Village Ambaniala who told us that cops threatened to shoot them and people panicked, started running in all directions.
Then they spread the information that” there were people who flew children and the panic grew.
Ms. Bao has called the police on her cell phone in our town; in fact, they were already en route to Andralanitra.
In the Village of Ambaniala there was a fight with the police.
Cops came from Ambaniala going to Ampasika Village and had accompanied a man in charge to submit a Court Order to 112 families who must leave the place over night, place that they have occupied for 40 years.
The villagers did not accept to acknowledge such Court Order from that man. Then cops threatened people with their arms.
After these threats, people began to flee to the City of Akamasoa.
This is where we met the head of the police in our town and he told us;
“I am the one who sent policemen to accompany a man to serve a Court Order to these families.”

As it was the night we looked for a place where there was enough light to talk with each other.

During the same time villagers were throwing stones at all directions.

People were furious.

I asked them to sit and listen to the version of the chief of police.
Of course, the chief of police had the version of his own cops.
The police did not say they had threatened people with guns and that they insulted the villagers.

Akamasoa women spoke in front of a thousand people and they clearly said to the chief of police the true course of events and the threats these officers have done to their children, women and villagers.

Tonight I saw people united and courageous, especially women. At each intervention and speatch of a woman of Akamasoa there was an avalanche of applause from the people. The police received a lesson from a small nation that has to be united, but I had to stop a few overzealous people who began to insult the police.

They had already received a lesson from our people, people united and courageous.
It was not the time to add on.

I have told the Chief of police:
“Don’t forget that it’s us who have built your Akamasoa police building and we are the one to have brought 17 years ago the Police over here, so help us and don’t threat peaceful people! “

Then people around us  approved loudly the words we said.

Then we stopped the meeting to prevent that situation escalates any further against the police who are supposed to protect us against the bandits.
During the meeting a dozen policemen had their guns in hand and pointed at us.
I found it incomprehensible to point guns at people that they must defend.
Better for them to point at bandits who kill people, steal and destroy public property, not at us, at no time!!

Justice was upside down!

Finally we asked the police to return to their barracks and we opened a way for them to leave safe and in peace.
The people stayed and I congratulated all of them for their unity and their courage.
Nobody can do anything against people that are united and it has been proved so many times already on the past.
A new fight for justice and for the poorest is starting now.
We know the Tribunals are most of the time on the side of those who have money.
Judges are bribed so often.
Their verdicts are the picture of the amount paid.
Defend the poor is always difficult and risky.

These days, we will call all people we know to get support to help us to suspend the execution of the verdict and help the 112 families not to be displaced by a rich fellow who wants to get 75 hectares that he said he bought lately in a total legal way.
This problem is not finished but we hope we can help families to stay in their homes.

When you have enabled families to stay 40 years on a land where they built their home, you can’t throw them out overnight.
Where will go these 112 families?
How to live in peace if human society violates human rights?
There is a rule of law which must defend the people and children of poor families.
I told the President of the Republic from this unfortunate event!
I think we will be heard!
Also the senior Police Officers have reassured they will analyze and looks closely to this event..
Father Pedro Opeka

“” And if you feel concern by this injustice and you could send us your grant so we may be able to buy these 75 hectares, we might be able to save this 112 families ….. representing more than 500 people…. and may be …. a new village

We need around  3.800.000 usd …. and it’s now….  Your decision!

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